At the crossroads of African, Asian, Arab, Indian and western cultures, the Red Island is a virtuoso instrumentalists’ nursery.

This trio brings together three strong and magnetic personalities. An unprecedented meeting whose project will be inscribed in time: first, with a recording in april 2016, then, by the implementation of concert tours. Three generations coexist:

Trois générations s’y côtoient :

Teta, Tuléar , native (South West), the "Thumbprint guitarist", undisputed Tsapiky master - a southern musical style, modern times’ genuine griot, delivers a gentle music, on containment. A subtle and sensitive composer.

Chrysanto Zama, young guitarist prodigy, Ambovombé native (South), great melodist, knows how to combine virtuosity and creativity in his own compositions. He is the piliar of the Madagascar Orchestra. (

Joël Rabesolo, Antsirabé native (Highlands), masters perfectly all Malagasy guitar’s styles. His rich and passionate music unveils tremendous “Hendrix sounds” and a love for the greatest jazz guitarists.

Tradition and contemporaneity draw a poetic and musical elsewhere. Three creators, already recognized in their country, who delicately open new acoustic universe. A challenge where musical requirement rhymes with virtuosity and musicality.

Tao Ravao, artistic direction, producer
Références : D’Gary (M’boloza, Akata Maiso, pour Label Bleu), Sengue (prix RFI), Rajery (prix RFI), Jean-Emilien,
Ba Sissoko, Bembeya Jazz (Sekou Diabate)...

Thierry Bongarts Lebbe, booking, tour manager & producer

Riad Hanni, Editions Samarkand, editor and producer